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Mother’s Day

The celebration of Mother’s Day is upon us.  Since I was age 16, I have always dreaded this day to recognize mothers.  At a young age I lost my mother to cancer and the void of her in my life was daily but really felt on this day. Life does heal and teaches us many things.  Now, I find reason to celebrate because I have come to the realization that you do not have to be alive to nurture someone.  My faith reminds me that we can receive and communicate with someone’s spirit in a different, perhaps even deeper, way after they have left us.  Today I am more aware of who my mother was and what she gave me than I was during the years of my childhood.

I have a very good mother.  There are no doubts.  In everything that was essential Mom was there.  She gave me security, protection, a sense of being loved, adequate food, adequate clothing, an appreciation for flowers, especially the sunflower and the yellow rose.  She taught me the value of working hard and enjoying those around you.   She modeled for me the importance of presence to others and the importance of taking time to pray.   Her laughter and smile were contagious and I like to think that I inherited this from her. We are a large family but we had enough.  My mother was too busy to nurture each of her children individually with the sense that we were unique or precious, but she mothered us in such a way that we felt loved and cherished by her.  So Mom, thanks for being there for me and for continuing to be.  I look forward to celebrating you being the best Mom in my world!  Happy Mother’s Day!