There’s a lot to think about with Angela’s “terrific threesome” of Prayer, Fasting, and Pilgrimage…this time I was thinking about how PERSONAL they all are:
Even imprisonment and death can’t prevent the movement of the individual soul to God in prayer. In fasting, I deny food to this body I live in (can you think of anything more personal than food that actually becomes you?) I remember Sister Cheryl Clemons telling us that in Angela’s day, all some women had real control over in their lives was what they ate. And as for pilgrimage–well, you certainly can’t hire somebody else to take a pilgrimage for you. You have to do the walking and put up with the blisters and mosquitos and hard beds yourself–otherwise it is not a pilgrimage!
All three must be experienced at a deeply personal level, which was where Angela was in her relationship with God–and where her daughters and sons aspire to be!