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“To the beloved daughers and sisters of the Company of Saint Ursula. Because, dearly beloved daughters and sisters, God has granted you the grace of setting you apart from the darkness of this miserable world and of uniting you together to serve his divine Majesty, you have to thank Him infinitely that, to you especially, He has granted such a singular gift…” — Rule of Saint Angela Merici: Prologue 3-5

It is the Madre who is speaking to her “dearly beloved daughters and sisters”. As an Italian madre, Angela never had any inhibitions about showing her warm and tender love for her “beloved children”. She refers to being set apart by their behavior and way of life . There will be something special about them that will invite others to say, “Who are these daughters and sisters that Angela makes reference to so lovingly?”

Madre is such an affectionate name for another. It is evident that Angela had a special fondness for each of her daughters and desired that they be together, united in love and compassion for each other too. That is why she often referred to them as her “cherished daughters”!

Madre Angela, pray for us. Guide us into the future with confidence and unity that we may truly give honor and glory to God, the Lover of us All!