July a month to reconnect

julyFor those of us who are members of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, this past month is anticipated, celebrated and quickly passes. Now we find ourselves back in full swing to embrace another year of adventure!  Our community days are officially days to update everyone on necessary information but more importantly a time to come together and be Sister to each other.  The week we were together was packed with marvelous conversations,  prayer together, talents shared, presentations and lots of time to connect, reconnect and be community.   Within our days together we reflected and discussed our present situation and how to create a future that we choose.   We were reminded that a religious institute is called into being by the Spirit at a given time, within a given cultural context for a particular mission.  The Spirit gives us wisdom but leaves the details to us.  Bracketing our “official business” agenda we celebrated Jubilees of 50, 60, 75 and 80 years of dedicated service among us and a dinner theatre with local, humorous talent.   We welcomed a new member as postulant into our Ursuline Way of Life and some of us stayed for retreat to savor the sacred time and space for prayer, quietly savoring God’s love in the silence.   It is impossible to gather with other Ursuline women and not have memories of past Ursuline Sisters who formed and touched our lives  flood our conversations and thoughts with deep gratitude. There are many versions of reunions, and seemingly such gatherings nudge and emphasize the importance of staying in touch. If you are like me, when I leave a reunion, I come away with a renewed energy and  commitment to try and stay better connected throughout the year.   What a blessing this month of  July and being with community has been for me!   I hope your July 2014 was  a time to connect, link, and unite with  those you love and call family. The signature sign off of Garrison Keillor for Prairie Home Companions seems most appropriate and comes to mind today:  Be Well, Do Good Work and Keep in Touch!