It’s good to be from Ohio in the 2012 NCAA Tourney

If you think your bracket is in tatters after the upset weekend, you’re right. But since so is everyone else’s, just about everyone still has a chance to win.
Sandra Elder emerged from the weekend in first place with 47 points, while Trista Boyle is following closely with 45. Trista is the only person to pick all four Ohio teams to make the Sweet 16 – Ohio State, Cincinnati, Xavier and Ohio. However, because she also picked Murray State and Georgetown for the Final Four, this may be the high water mark for her. She can only win four of the eight games to be played Thursday and Friday. Sandra is the only person who can win all eight.

Sherry Newton is a close third after going a perfect 8-0 on Saturday, and Jennifer Kaminski got herself out of last by going 7-1 on Saturday. The games on Thursday and Friday are worth 4 points each.
Here are the standings as of Monday morning, along with how many wins are possible in the next round.

Points Name Possible Sweet 16 wins
(8 max)
47 Sandra Elder 8
45 Trista Boyle 4
44 Sherry Newton 6
43 Joyce Alexander 5
42 Kelly Tipton 5
41 Sr. Elaine Burke 6
41 Jackie Martin 5
41 Tiffany Orth 5 (Her champion is knocked out)
40 Katie Risley 6 (Her champion is knocked out)
40 Dan Heckel 6
40 Sr. Amelia Stenger 7
38 Jennifer Kaminski 6
38 Cyndy Madi 6
35 Marian Bennett 4