I have come to apply

Today has been a very insightful day, as I was doing some extra reading on vocations I came upon this prayer entitled: For God’s Will in Choosing a Vocation.   It is a good reminder that each of us have a special vocation and it is good to ask God to accept our application.  The prayer is also an acknowledgement that our openness has a definite role in discovering where we are being led.  I pray today for all those who are searching and are seeking God’s plan in their life.  Lead us, Guide us, that we might truly discover God’s will.
Lord, I know you put me in this world for some purpose.
There is something that you want me to do,
that no one else can do.
You have a job for me, and the job-description fits me alone.
Well, I’ve come to apply for it.
Guide and lead me in the way you want me to go.
I’m not asking for a dramatic revelation, but I’ve got my eyes and ears fine
  tuned for any little signs you send my way.
“Here I am Lord, I have come to do your will.”
Whatever it is, I am ready.
Speak to my heart and lead me in your ways.  Amen.