How do you view interruptions?

Our lives are much more self-directed when our goals are clear. Goals represent a desired future. Goals need to be not only clear, but cherished, so they will not be abandoned when inevitable obstacles are encountered.

Plans, however are different. Plans are a description of results we want soon. Plans need to be flexible. Too many things can happen, too many things beyond our control.

Henri Nouwen once wrote about how his ministry kept being messed up by interruptions. It seems he was very attached to his ministerial plans. Then he realized his ministry was the interruptions.

How do you deal with interruptions? I am discovering that interruptions can be avenues to grace-filled epiphany moments. Clarity of insights, new life, surprising truth, new perspectives can be gained in these interruptions. Interruptions might possibly hold manifestations of God’s touch. I am learning to focus on God’s plan and where God might be found in these disturbing, inconvenient interruptions.

Today I ask for the gift of interruptions! May God’s timing, not my own,capture my attention long enough to gaze on the real epiphanies of life. May my goals and plans never become obstacles to God breaking through. I dare you. I double dare you to be open to the amazement that unfolds through interruptions!