How do you know when to share your decision about discernment with co-workers?

I believe this is a very significant question for one who is in serious discernment about consecrated life.  There are many kinds of relationships on the level of co-workers.  There are general relationships that are on the professional level that allows you to be friendly and supportive without getting into personal and private details about your life with other employees.  Then there may be one or two significant relationships that are part of a personal support for you.   I think it is important to weigh with whom would this information be respected and reverence.  In other words, would they prayerfully respect your time of discernment or would they questions your discernment out of curiosity.   Walking with a spiritual companion in your time of discernment is key and most helpful.  Their willingness to be objective and honestly reflect back to you what they observe and hear you acknowledge as you discern God’s hand in your day to day discernment will be a significant source of validation.  Needless to say, your sharing with the God who calls you is the most significant.   May this time of discernment lead you to a peaceful and joyful choice!