Hospitable Martha

Jesus entered a village where a woman whose name was Martha welcomed him…. Luke 10:38

Being a “Martha” on this her feast day, I made a conscious choice to address a passage from Scripture which highlights hospitality, an obvious quality in her that exhibits warmth, welcome and refreshment.  Although we tend to spend a lot of time focusing on how Jesus challenged Martha to choose a better part, I tend to believe that this genuine hospitality was more than likely what drew Jesus to their village and home.  If you have ever been a recipient of hospitality you know exactly what I mean.  Before you can express a need it has already been anticipated and provided.  You are treated like a favored guest! You go away showered by the generous heart of one who made you feel  that their home is your home.  You want to stay!  No wonder, the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha seemed to be a favorite place for Jesus to hang out.  One of the most valued effect of hospitality is that you can be yourself.  Martha must have been one tremendous cook, another possible reason Jesus frequently was at her door since she is given the title of patron of cooks.  Yes I believe Eucharist was exchanged frequently in this village of Bethany, in this home of warmth, welcome and refreshment.   Today ask yourself how might I be more attentive to others in honor of Saint Martha- a person of gracious and generous hospitality!  However, remember to take the time to nurture your relationship with Jesus, the greatest Guest as well.


Martha received Jesus into her house