Holy Mary…. pray for us…. now and at the hour of our death.

October is the Month of the Most Holy Rosary. This devotion was establish in my family life as my brothers and sisters fell to our knees every night as Mom or Dad lead us in the recitation of the rosary. It is a very special family memory of coming together especially in troubling times to place our intentions in the hands of God asking Mary to help us to surrender and embrace God’s will.

There were definite roadblocks in my life, losing my mother at age 16 to cancer; we gathered around her bed as she was taken from us praying the rosary as a family. A few years later struggling to know where God was leading me in my vocation, I turned to these sacred beads to guide and direct me to embrace and know God’s plan. Again letting go of another parent, my father slipped away with us gathered praying the rosary, a devotion he prayerfully lead in our formative years.

Perhaps this is why I keep turning to this sacred devotion of the Holy Rosary, especially in the month of October and May when the Church reminds us of Mary’s role in our own salvation and redemption.

Pope John Paul stated when he initiated the luminous mysteries: “Rediscover the Rosary in light of Scripture.” Rosarium Virginis Mariae (RVM), 43
Pope John Paul II

I find there are many Scriptural messages of life found in the Rosary mysteries
The Joyful Mysteries focus on choosing life. The Luminous Mysteries focus on living the Catholic Sacramental Life. The Sorrowful Mysteries give us the strength and courage to accept God’s will in suffering and death. The Glorious Mysteries allow us to hope in God’s promise of eternal life.

The Rosary helps us to be conformed ever more closely to Christ. I hope you find comfort, direction, solace and deep peace in your recitation of the rosary. May the rosary and Mary, our Mother draw each of us closer to Jesus, our Savior, our light, our Redeemer, our Hope.