Happy Feast of All Saints

What a beautiful feast we celebrate today, all the communion of saints, those uncanonized and those canonized. As I gathered for noon Mass today, I was reminded of all those who have touched my life, my mom, my dad, uncles, aunts, grandparents, Ursuline Sisters, Tom Crenshaw, and others who throughout my life have inspired me by there positive attitudes, their treasured faith, and their generosity which flowed from their heart like a river. What a treasure we claim in our belief in the communion of saints.

“For God alone my soul waits in silence.” Psalm 62

Though we try to deny it, we thirst for silence; we yearn to reside beside the still waters and to be silent. Saint Augustine wrote the he could not truly mourn the death of his mother, St. Monica, until he was quiet and alone in his bed. His journey toward healing began with the tears that flowed from faithful silence.

So, with Augustine and the honoring the “gift of tears” I remember, I weep, I treasure the silence where I am united with the communion of many whom I love and who brought me life.