God will provide

Saint Angela tells us today, “Do not be anxious about any temporal need, since God alone knows how to provide for you.” Rule:10:16-17

Now how can one not be anxious in this world of today? It is a great act of faith to allow your heart and mind to let go of any fears, anxiety, or concerns about needs. However, every day on the news I witness those with nothing. Those who model total dependence on God and others for the basic necessities of life. I often think that I am where I am because my faith is not that strong. I get very anxious and as bad as I hate to admit I know God will provide, but my faith is lacking. I can say it with my mouth, I trust in God, but when it comes down to acting on that faith and trust I waver terribly. I know Saint Angela had reason to remind us, her daughters not to be anxious. As I embrace the call of the community in my position as Director of Vocation Ministry, there are fears, concerns, questions that arise. Community members asking, and rightly so, what direction are you going to take in this new ministry? Today, I entrust these words of Angela to guide me. In prayer Angela tell me. Martha, Cherished daughter, do not be anxious. God has a plan and God alone knows how to provide for you. Entrust you anxiousness and listen to God. God alone is enough. God alone will provide.