Fullness of love

If you want to know the will of God as it relates to pure intentions, go to God in prayer. God is not waiting to take something away from you. God is waiting to teach you to love.

Ultimately, it is all about loving of which it is essential that I become self-less and be willing to sacrifice my preference and pour out myself for those I choose to love.

May this day be full of love that others might know and experience God, the fullness of love with you, in you, and through you.

We pray with St. Gertrude today who dedicated her life to god and to the pursuit of perfection through prayer and contemplation…

O God, worthy of infinite love,
I have nothing which can
adequately measure your dignity,
but such is my desire towards you,
that if I had all that you have,
I would gladly and thankfully
give it all to you.
O Love, O God,
you loved me first,
grant that with my whole heart,
and with my whole soul,
and with my whole strength,
I may love you. Amen.

– St. Gertrude the Great