For Unto Us a Child is Born

Jesus is born for us this day. What has really changed with his birth?  Is there peace?  Is there light? Have  I opened my heart to receive the marvels that God has in store for me?  I marvel at the sheperds who went in haste to look for the child, and having found him, they go out and announce it to everyone they meet.  They are examples for me of how to respond to the message of this day.  The new world that this child brings, the unity that his birth promises, is already unfolding in our midst.  Many people go out of their way to care for the needy, not only at this special time of the year, but throughout the entire year.  Many collect cans, clothing, distribute food, and volunteer their time and energy, helping to rebuild lives that have been devastated by natural diaster, social conditions, or war.  If I cannot see this new unity, perhaps it is because I am not doing anything to bring it about.
I want to remember that Christmas is a time of promise, as is the birth of every child.  Today we celebrate the child born as our Savior, the Word of God, the Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Prince of Peace.  Jesus brings much unity, peace, healing, and hope into our world.  Jesus, you bring much peace, hope, healing and joy into my life.
What new life might you bring into our world?  May you take time to pause and reflect on the mystery of God’s incomprehensible love in your life this Christmas.