Finding the River

Presently in my parish ministry, we are at a very exciting time of inviting inquirers of the Catholic faith to discern if they desire to continue the initiation journey and take the next step toward full communion in the Catholic Church. What this basically means is that they choose to move into the second phase of the process and celebrate the Rite of Acceptance or Rite of Welcome.

There is a neat resource that has a poem entitled “Finding the River” by Carol Gura that is helpful in making this decision. I would like to share part of the poem with you today. You might find it enlighten in your own recommitment to faith, or to life in general.

Pilgrims and pioneers
Searched the landscape
to find their way
to where?
The place of promise—
The River of Life.

Along the way;
Great walls
needed scaling and tearing down;
Let go of the burdens that fill your
hands and hearts
Let go!

Along the way
Thorny, densely tangled mats
of confusion and doubt;
Let go of the voices of the past
that block and bind,
Let go!

Round the corner
For the river you seek
Lies at your feet.

As you reflect on this piece of poetry, recall your own pursuit and search. These questions might be helpful.

What walls need scaling or tearing down in your own journey?

What are the unexpected twists and turns that you are dealing with at this time in your life? Where do you see grace? What is the blessing?

What do you desire in this River of life?

May the healing waters cleans and bring you new life!