Evening with an Ursuline May 3, 2016

Sister Vivian Bowles urged participants in the May 2016 “Evening with an Ursuline” presentation to embrace affirmations that allow their minds to accept positive images and curtail the negative mental games we play on ourselves.

“Mind Management for Becoming a More Effective Human Being” welcomed a mix of sisters and lay women at the Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center on May 3. There are three more “Evenings with an Ursuline” in the current year. “The Choice to Say ‘Yes’; The Choice to Say ‘No'” by Sister Ann McGrew on June 7. “Blueprint for Life: Beatitudes,” by new Center Director Sister Mary Matthias Ward, will be July 5, with dinner at 5 and the presentation to follow. “The Gift of Forgiveness” will be led by Sister Ruth Gehres on Aug. 2.

Here are photos from the May 3 presentation.