Easter: Fifty days to shout Alleluia!

Sometimes it’s good to examine the basics of our faith. For instance, we’ve all celebrated Easter for almost as many years as we have been on our earth. But the meaning of the feast can and usually does change. To a child Easter is sometimes tied to receiving an Easter basket of chocolate bunnies, candy robin eggs and colorful jelly beans. For a young person it may mean new clothes. But what is it for adults, besides a special feast and time to gather with family after a week of long Triduum services? What makes Easter so special?

happy easter 3

The meaning of the resurrection of Christ is the most important event in the life of Christ. Even more important than the crucifixion or his birth. The first Easter is best express in the words: Let us rejoice on this day. This is the day the Lord has made. This is the day on which death has been defeated. Overcome. Conquered. Christ lives! God’s grace and gift of divine life is now available to all!
So something very important changed on that first Easter. And we celebrate it every year to remind ourselves that despite some appearances to the contrary, the world is now given life by God not just for now, but forever. As I celebrate Easter for the next fifty days, I seek to become conscious of the divine life given to us. That’s the great gift of Easter! Alleluia! Jesus Christ is truly risen and so will we!