Do you have a vocation?

We ALL have a vocation.  It is interesting that almost 50 years ago the Second Vatican Council brought the Church to a renewed sense of our baptismal call.  Before the Council, this question was referring to a sister, nun, brother, monk or priest.  Marriage and single life was not considered a “holy” vocation.   A vocation to be a priest, religious, single or married person is rooted in the same baptismal call.  Inspite of the many examples that surround us of holy women and men in all walks of life, the Church has never fully embraced the gift of the “universal call to holiness.”

Each of us is called by name.  God always takes the initiative.  Each call is personal and unfolds as we grow into a unique person. Each is called, nudged or shaken to continually reach out toward  full maturity in Christ.

I believe God continues to use situations and people to speak to our hearts.  I reflect often on how I knew I was being called to the Ursuline Sisters.  I seriously doubt that I would have taken the leap if the Ursuline Sister who was teaching me at the time  had not invited me to come to the “holy ground” of Mount Saint Joseph.  Once on this beautiful campus my heart and life direction was set in motion.

You do have a vocation!  Invite God to set you in the direction where you will discover your own “holy ground.”