Deconstruction of Paul Volk Hall completed on July 12, 2023

The deconstruction of Paul Volk Hall was completed at 9:30 a.m. July 12, 2023, about 48 hours after the work began.

The building was completed in 1981 as additional residential space for the Ursuline Sisters, since many of the Sisters were getting older and retiring from their public ministries. The building was named for Father Volk, the priest who brought the Ursuline Sisters to Maple Mount in 1874.

In 2021, the Ursuline Sisters agreed to deconstruct Paul Volk Hall due to major plumbing issues with the building that would have been expensive to repair. The building was also no longer needed as a residence hall.

There are no plans to deconstruct any more buildings on the Maple Mount campus.

The Ursuline Sisters who live at Maple Mount reside in either Saint Ursula Hall or Saint Joseph Villa. Several Sisters remain on a mission and live elsewhere in Kentucky or in one of four other states, and in Chile.

Other buildings on campus are the Motherhouse Chapel; the Guest House and Bethany Hall, which are both used for visitors; Lourdes Hall, home to administrative offices; Maple Hall, the new name for the auditorium that is still used for public events; the maintenance building and some farm buildings; and Saint Angela Hall, which is currently empty.

Debris cleanup for Paul Volk Hall is the next step. Once completed, the area will be seeded with grass and returned to a green space. Seeding and sodding of this area on the south side of the campus and at the location of the former Mount Saint Joseph Academy and Retreat Center is scheduled for September, when the weather is more conducive.

Watch video of the final deconstruction


  1. Michele Morek

    Thanks! Many good memories of that place and the people in it!!!

    We appreciate your keeping us in the loop with pictures….

  2. Connie Higdon Nugent

    It is so sad to see all these buildings destroyed. Don’t know if I have the heart to see all these buildings gone. I’m sure it looks terribly empty!

  3. Sr. Rebecca White

    My hope is that those of us in the Villa may have at least a hint of the sunsets now that PVH is down. We will find out.

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