Daily rosary, a family tradition

“Praying the rosary will help people reap spiritual fruits, being a spiritual aid for our soul and for spreading love, forgiveness and community to everyone.” Pope Francis

Growing up in the Bernie and Lizzy Keller family, a tradition that stands out is the daily recitation of the rosary. All of the children, Mom, and Dad would end the day by shutting off the television and getting down on our knees to pray the rosary. The leader was always Mom or Dad. Sometimes the ritual and repetition of prayer would slowly, calmly, put the leader to sleep. My siblings and I would get tickled as Dad got slower in slower in his leading until he would be out, and then Mom would jump in. I know this memory is a good one because I recall it frequently. I also have been able to carry it into my adult life. I pray the rosary daily for special intentions. When someone asks me for prayer, I make a mental note to include them in my intentions for that day. As I get older, I know why Dad fell asleep before completing the decades, and several years ago I decided I need to pray the rosary before I jump out of bed in the morning to make sure it is a part of my daily spirituality since I was falling asleep at night and never completed the rosary.

Recently I heard that Pope Francis prescribes daily rosary for what ails you. He is not a doctor or a pharmacist but he did not hesitate to recommend 59 little pills strung together: the rosary. “I want to recommend some medicine for all of you,” the pope said at the end of his Sunday Angelus. “It is a spiritual medicine.” Holding up a white medicine box with a drawing of the human heart on it he told some 80,000 people gathered that the box contained a rosary. “Don’t forget to take it. It is good for your heart, for your soul for your whole life.”

I attest to this, for the devotion for me personally is a reminder to seek God’s will in my life, just as Mary did. It also calms my worries and fears and allows me to entrust all for whom I pray into the hands of our God. When words are hard to find in praying, the formal prayers direct my thoughts and needs. When I need to be quiet and listen, the devotion draws me into a meditative and contemplative stance. So I encourage you to heed the Holy Father’s advice and take your daily medicine. I know you will become more peaceful and trusting. Best of all there is no financial charge but a definite faith charge! Holy Mary… pray for us….now and at the hour of our death. Amen.