Cure for Kidney Troubles

Mr. and Mrs. Bloemer, parents of Mother Augustine, one of the first local superiors of Mount Saint Joseph, were very supportive of the Ursuline community, both in word and financial aid. In the files of Mother Augustine is found this letter written to her mother by a local lady with just the cure for all your kidney troubles.

Mrs. Catherine Bloemer

Sorgho, Ky. Apr. 21, 1891

Mrs. C. Bloemer:
Dear Lady:

We send the roots, the Wild Sweet Potato, to you this morning by mail. I tried to get the hired man to get it for you yesterday, but he did not know where to find any. So I asked Pa about it and he told me it would not be up growing through the ground for three weeks yet, but that he would go down in the plowed ground and maybe he could find some small roots which grew last year. He did so and found these small roots, the main root grows below where the plow goes. If this proves beneficial, why, I can get the hired man to dig you some more after it grows so that he can find it; he said he would do so.


You take about one third of these roots and break them in small pieces, and put it in a quart of Whisky. Then the patient may take a sip, three or four times a day. If he should take too much it would cause nausea and physicing, therefore if after taking a swallow of it, and it does cause the nausea, why, take a smaller dose next time. There is nothing dangerous about; even should too much be taken. If he does not want to take the whisky, you may make a tea by taking about less than a pint of the root then put in a quart of water then let it come to a boil. Then he may sip that, either warm or cold. If after taking a few doses and he does not feel better, why, take larger doses. I hope you will give it a fair trial, for it will certainly cure kidney troubles.

Please excuse this hastily written note. I arrived safe at home and enjoyed the side house very much. I am as well as ever.

Good by. I will write to the Sisters soon.
Praised be Jesus and Mary!!
Your friend,
Effie T. Afton
C. of M.