Contentedly aging

If you were to state the secret for aging contentedly, what would you say?

I just had a pleasant conversation with a friend on the phone who just celebrated her 84th birthday. She is such a young person at heart, and enjoys life more than any person I know. I have known this dear friend since 1980, and the enduring friendship and support has carried me in joyful and sorrowful times. When I asked her how she is doing she says, “I stumble around at times, but I get back up.” Bruised many times, but with a lightness in her heart and an enthusiasm that cannot be matched, I inquired, “Do you use your cane?” Her remark was sincere, “Sometimes, but a cane makes you look old. You know, Martha, I am now the oldest person in the parish.” I said, “Wonderful, maybe if you thought of it as being the wisest person in the parish!” “No,” she quickly corrected me, “just experienced!”

You see the secret of content aging is to recognize that one still has much to learn as well as wise enough to pass on wisdom gain from experience. What would you say is needed to age with content?

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