Christmas…shimmering with divinity

This quote from the great theologian, Avery Dulles, express why Christmas, the feast of the Incarnate Word, continues to draw me to celebrate, rejoice, and continually seek the gift of light and peace within me. Christmas always leads to an amazing awareness and discovery of the Incarnate Christ in those around me.

“The incarnation does not mean that God saves us from the pains of this life. It means that God-is-with-us. For the Christian there will be cold, lonely seasons, seasons of sickness, seasons of frustration, and a season within which we will die. Christmas does not give us a ladder to climb out of the human condition. It gives us a drill that lets us burrow into the heart of everything that is and, there, find it shimmering with divinity.”

May the Light of Christ within you glow with divinity. Merry Christmas!