Cherished Christmas Carols with Sister Pat Rhoten

We’re asking the Ursuline Sisters about their “Cherished Christmas Carols” this Advent season. Sister Pat Rhoten tells us why “Up on the Housetop” has alway been her favorite.

“When I was an only child at 10 years old (after that I had four siblings), I sat in the back seat of the car and hung over the front seat (no such thing as seat belts.) My Mom would sing that song, and it seemed like she knew 40 verses (now I know she didn’t). But the way she sang it, my whole head filled with Christmasy thoughts. There’s no such word as Christmasy, but I think there should be.

We lived in the plains of Nebraska. Christmas was pretty much Jesus coming to me, and then we’d go home and have Santa. I figured that Santa was a Protestant because Mom and I were Catholic, and we would go to Midnight Mass. When we got home from Midnight Mass, Santa had always come when we were gone, so I just figured he was a Protestant like Daddy. Jesus was born, yeh! And I went home to presents, yeh!”

Here is Gene Autry singing “Up on the Housetop.”

“Up on the Housetop” by Gene Autry

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