Catching up with the Mission – Sister Betsy Moyer

One of the biggest efforts at the “new normal” during the Covid pandemic is helping students to continue learning. This is certainly true at Brescia University in Owensboro, Ky., where Sister Betsy Moyer serves multiple roles in the School of Education – office manager, data collector, networker with the local schools for student placements, and coordinating the Curriculum Resource Room.

“We have learned to be spontaneous and to look for better and more innovative ways to meet the students’ needs, such as MS Teams, Zoom, Google Docs, and face-to-face while using ATLAS and other webinars that focus on classroom observations virtually,” Sister Betsy said. Student teachers continue their placement in local schools to complete their programs in time for graduation this May.

“The School of Education produces very balanced and well-prepared teachers for the schools locally as well as other regions of Kentucky,” Sister Betsy said. “Each year, before their student teaching is completed, the local school systems send invitations for interviews and job offers to our students.

“Very recently, we received word that one of our graduates, Abby (Thomas) Vogt, has written and is implementing a creative writing curriculum for College View Middle School. We are proud of her and all the accomplishments achieved by many of our alumni.”

The five-year Annual Program Report for the School of Education is up for review in February by a committee at Brescia.

“It is an extensive report that covers our programs, goals and objectives, assessments, and faculty and staff,” Sister Betsy said. “We are confident the report will represent us well.”

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