Casa Ursulina Update 2020

Ursuline Sister Mary Elizabeth “Mimi” Ballard, director of Casa Ursulina (Dianna Ortiz Ursuline Center for Women) in Chillan, Chile, was home for a visit at Mount Saint Joseph in mid-January 2020. She gave a presentation to the Ursuline Sisters and others who could attend on Jan. 15. The talk was an overview of the Ursuline Sisters’ ministry in Chile, including how their emphasis has changed over the years as the needs have changed. She also announced the transition of Casa Ursulina from an Ursuline-owned property to an independent not-for-profit. This was done for future legal purposes when there may not be an Ursuline Sister on the premises. A few of the Ursuline Associates in Chile were involved in the transition process. Casa Ursulina will be able to continue, especially with the help of volunteers (about 30 women volunteer there now).

Here are photos of the presentation:


  1. Stephanie Warren

    I am so inspired by the work of Sr. Mimi Ballard and the women of Casa Ursulina.I am proud as a MSJ Academy alum to support this work through prayer and financial contributions. I applaud the transition to an independent board of women in Chile to continue this vital Ursuline mission.

  2. S.Rosemary Keough

    I was glad to be in the audience, also. Sr. Jacinta Powers and I went to Chile in August 1982. I returned with health issues in August 1984. Those two years and a week are highlights in my life. The Chilean people are the Irish of South America. Bernardo O’Higgins (!) is the founder of Chillan. I’m forever grateful to the Ursulines of MSJ for allowing me to fulfill my dream to be a missionary.

  3. Rebeccak White

    Thank you, dear Mimi, for your many years of service! I really appreciated your presentation about so much that has happened over the years, especially the fact that the place will continue as an independent non-profit. What a marvelous thing to do!

    So great to be with you recently. You are always a joy to spend time with.

    Rebecca, OSU

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