Blessed Consciousness or Blind Consciousness

Everybody loves a good story.  This is a story told by Rev. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI.  There is a Buddhist parable that goes like this:  One day a Budda was sitting under a tree. A trim soldier walked by, noticed the fat of the Buddha, and said, “You look like a pig!”  The Buddha looked up calmly and said, “And you look like God!” Taken aback, the soldier asked the Buddha, “Why do you say I look like God?”  The Buddha replied, “Because we don’t really see what’s outside of us.  We see what’s inside us and project it out.  I sit  under this tree all day and I think about God, so that when I look out, that’s what I see.  And you, you must be thinking about other things!”

Now that is worth pondering!  What do you spend your time and energy thinking every day?  Do your words convict you?  I think it does make sense that our consciousness is fed by the words, attitude and actions that we feed it.   I hope to be graced with a blessed consciousness  thus blessings others that I meet today!precious life