BE who you are! — St. Francis de Sales

“Work and pray at being yourself.  Be who you are, where you are.  Reserve your best efforts, expend your spiritual energy on what is right before you.” – Saint Francis de Salesimages

Be yourself!  What a delightful thought to have permission to be who you are!   You can just sense when people are comfortable with self.  They are  joyful, charismatic and enthused.  One of my favorite joys is listening to seasoned people reflect back on the lessons that life has taught them.  The wisdom acquired by life, but specifically a reflective life is an honorable teacher.   As they reflect back on their own story, they celebrate life and in particular their own story.  What I have gleaned from listening to their story is that our energy can best be used by dealing with what is right in front of us instead of looking back with regrets or glancing ahead with longing. Cultivate the moment and enjoy yourself.  Life is too short.  To do anything less than being yourself is a waste of time.   Work and pray at being yourself and relish the gift you discover!   Be who you are, where you are!