Awaken to the gift of peace

God will give strength… God will bless us with peace Psalm 29:11 There are times in my life when I have no option but to seek God’s strength and peace. When I am in the presence of God, I am in a place of peace. Peace comes to me from the presence of ONE who made me in love and keeps me in grace. ONE I can count on to be with me in all things. When I am in God’s presence, I am with ONE who knows me better than anyone does and who want me to have the best life has to offer. In such a presence I have an inner calm that exceeds human understanding and measurement. The greatest prayer ever uttered is gratitude, so today God I express my gratitude. I am grateful for your promise of steadfast love and the hope it brings into my life. Gazing upon this flower my heart is at peace, my heart is with you, the ONE who is my strength and my peace.