Astonishment better than information

“Overexplanation separates us from astonishment.”  – Eugene Ionesco

Have you ever had the experience of being asked a question and found yourself expounding and suddenly realize that the answer is really discover in the person’s own inner experience?   I think we need less people with answers and more people with the skill of leading others to transformation and astonishment!  You know many words are just that– intellectual words or coziness.  D. H. Lawrence, a British-American author, once said that “the world fears a new experience more than anything because a new expeience displaces so many old experiences.”  Ideas are not a problem, they are easily discounted and dodged. But a true inner experience is something else.  It changes us and far be it from me to delight or welcome change!  Astonishment is an invitatin to see with new eyes.  May I suggest that you use less words today and be open to moments of astonishment!