Associate Coordinators Meeting

Coordinators of various Ursuline Associate groups gathered at Maple Mount on March 24 for their biannual meeting to discuss issues and share ideas. The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 6.

Present for this meeting were Judy Sims and Jean Simpson, from Muhlenberg County, Ky.; Carol Hill and Brenda Semar, from Grayson County, Ky.; Sid Mason and Pat Wilson from Western Kentucky; Suzanne Reiss from Louisville; Eileen Locke from the Paola, Kan., South group; and Marian Bennett, director of Ursuline Partnerships. Joining via conference call were Harriet Jack and Joanne Thompson, of Paola South; Janice Lawless and Rita Wilkus from Paola North; and Martha Little from Owensboro, Ky.

Here are some photos from the meeting: