I’ve been involved in a major discernment lately, and it finally came to a head when I accepted a new job–far, far away from familiar people and scenery and activities. I knew someone was knocking on my door when sleepless nights became the norm rather than the exception. This mysterious nightly visitor would not leave me alone until I sent in my resume to the search committee for the position of Coalition Coordinator of UNANIMA International. After that I started to sleep again, at least until I was invited to New York City for an interview!

But this whole process has reminded me how much we rely on the voices of others to tune into God’s voice…after members of my own religious community, members of the UNANIMA board, and heads of other United Nations NGOs started asking me, “Are you going to apply for that position, Michele?” I started wondering if maybe Someone were trying to tell me something. Suddenly I realized that my reasons for NOT applying for the job to that point were the noble motives of fear and laziness. Not a great way to live your life…

Looking back on most major decisions in my life, I realize that I finally “took the leap” only after I heard others put the idea into words–whether it was entering religious life, moving from teaching to administration, or into community leadership. How carefully we should listen for the call of God through others!