Angela’s vision has prospered

Today I revisited a section of a book where Angela Merici, founder of the Ursuline Sisters, spoke about the vision God sent her in the Brudazzo which took many years to come to fruitage. This was an amazing vision of creating a company of women deeply committed to God which continues to unfold since 1535 to this day. Angela states, “God and all creation have fostered this new life.” It cause me to ponder what her daughters would acknowledge as a sign of new life. Would you like to share your own ideas of ways that you recognize new life in us and among us?

I will start the litany and ask that you add to it…

In gratitude for the gift of new life —
+ for our Ursulines Associates who companion with us to spread Angela’s charism and mission through our words and actions; in prayer and ministry as we strive to foster new life and hope in our hearts and world!