I recently attended an Ursuline gathering at which the speaker spoke of three of St. Angela Merici’s primary spiritual “tools:” prayer, fasting, and pilgrimage. I was intrigued with the idea that those three tools actually represent three means of connection–connection to my own true self, to God, and to others.

  • Fasting gets the soul and body in conversation with one another, connecting me to my true self, and helps me see the divine in myself.
  • Praying puts ME in my place, and in direct contact with God.
  • Pilgrimage takes me out of myself, takes me out of my comfort zone, to a place where the Other is at home, and helps me see the divine in others.

Now, I am not one to seek suffering, but meditating on these spiritual tools, I see where they could work for me…perhaps I can use the discipline of Weight Watchers for a holy purpose!