Acts of Violence

Whether on a large or a small scale, all acts of violence, remind us of the meaningless of killing and the meaningfulness of life.   After the violence of the Boston Marathon and horror of terrorism, I step back and recognize that violence will never eliminate the human capacity to hope.   The outpouring of support, concern, compassion and charity is a reminder that we are called to be responsible and take care of each other.  I pray that the recent acts of violence will spur me into finding something to live for, and even great enough to die for.  Thanks to all who have taught me this.   May the victims know eternal peace and the violence in our world cease.   As our nation once again moves forward, this tragedy reminds me to appreciate the fragility of life and to value every moment I have to waste not one opportunity to fulfill the part I am called to play in God’s  grand design.  Taking the time to do one single “random act of kindness” is one simple way to eliminate all acts of violence.  Join me in the journey of spreading kindness to overcome and eliminate violence in our world.