A Virtual Pilgrimage of Saint Joseph at Maple Mount

As part of the celebration for Pope Francis declaring 2021 as a special year devoted to Saint Joseph, Ursuline Sister Ruth Gehres led a PowerPoint presentation on March 25, 2021, titled “Saint Joseph Among Us, a Virtual Pilgrimage Across Our Campus.” Sisters on campus gathered in the Saint Ursula Community Room, being mindful to practice social distancing.

Sister Ruth gathered photos of statues, sculptures and stained-glass depicting Saint Joseph at the Motherhouse, and the history behind those items. Sister Rebecca White helped her with the presentation, and Sister Mary Henning played the piano to lead the Sisters in a few hymns to Saint Joseph.

Here are some photos, as well as Sister Ruth’s presentation.


  1. Suzanne Sims

    Such a prayerful way to experience the spirituality of St. Joseph imbedded in our Ursuline DNA at Mount SAINT JOSEPH! Thank you, Sr. Ruth, Dan Heckel, Sr. Rebecca, Sr. Mary Henning, and all who collaborated on this timeless piece!

  2. Jean Mills Carrico

    I plan on seeing these the next time I’m at the Mount. Although I’ve looked at them many times I didn’t pay enough attention to truly appreciate the beauty. Thank all of you for creating and sharing this.

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