In the 19th Century, scientists who opened an ancient Egyptian tomb found a seed embedded in a piece of 3,000-year-old wood. Just out of curiosity, they planted it; to everyone’s surprise, it sprouted and grew! Like that little seed, all of us have long-lived unexplored potential–roads that we did not travel earlier in life, choices we did not make because of other duties, unfulfilled dreams that may become ripe for achievement only after we have gained certain life experiences, or after our external circumstances change.

What if you were to sit down and write an exact description of what you would like to do next in your life…and then the “ticket” fell right into your lap? That’s what happened to me recently. After a life journey that has led me from a small town in northern New Mexico and taken many interesting twists and turns, I’ve come to a surprising fork in the road–one that leads to East 42nd Street in New York City. I invite you to walk with me for the next four months, to see what we can discover together.