We lose sight of God’s love, awaken us once more to the truth of your love.

Yesterday I attended a two hundredth anniversary of the faith community of Saint Romuald Catholic Church in Hardinsburg, Kentucky. It was a beautiful celebration of faith, sacrifice, and community spirit.  I remember well my six years of serving that faith community, and it resurrects in my mind and heart some lasting relationships in my own journey of faith.  I am always humbled when young people come up and seem so grateful for my presence.  I am moved to gratitude when a woman comes up and apologizes for her past weaknesses and asks my forgiveness.  I am thrilled to see that faith has carried on and people are using their gifts for the glory of God and the building up of the community.  God, you are always so ready to open my eyes to the truth of your love.  In gratitude and celebration I am awaken once again!