Friday upsets cost two people their champion

No one picked the early exits of Duke and Missouri from the tournament on Friday night, and Katie Risley and Tiffany Orth both picked the Dukies to win it all, which means they’ll need someone who no one picked to win the championship if they still have a chance.

Jackie Martin went into sole possession of first place with 25 points, helped by picking the upset of Ohio over Michigan and Purdue over St. Mary’s. But she had Missouri in the Final Four, as did Sister Elaine and Sherry Newton. Tiffany and Marian Bennett had both Missouri and Duke in the Final Four, and Cyndi Madi had Duke in the championship game.

Sister Amelia and Trista Boyle were the other two participants to pick the Ohio upset, and Trista also picked the Purdue win.

Saturday’s games are worth 2 points. Here are the standings heading into Saturday.


Points  Name

25        Jackie Martin

23        Joyce Alexander

23        Sr. Elaine Burke

23        Sandra Elder

23        Trista Boyle

22        Sherry Newton

22        Dan Heckel

22        Katie Risley

21        Tiffany Orth

21        Marian Bennett

20        Sr. Amelia Stenger

20        Kelly Tipton

20        Cyndi Madi

18        Jennifer Kaminski