“Make haste slowly…” St. Francis de Sales

I have always been fascinated with Saint Francis de Sales, especially after participating in the Spiritual Direction Progam and learning what a natural spiritual advisor he became for Saint Jane de Chantal.  Something I discovered about him during that time in which I now claim him as my own spiritual director patron saint is that he knew that God was calling him to become a priest.  He waited to share it with his family because his father had higher plans for his son.   Francis waited thirteen years before responding to God’s call to become a priest.  SFDe SalesWhy did Francis wait so long?  Throughout his life he was known to delay acting until he was clear that it was God’s will.  I find this a very essential step in discerning.  So many times, I ask God’s guidance and call upon the Holy Spirit but then I act before getting confirmation.

Over the next several weeks, I would like to share some insight I have gained from the writings of Saint Francis de Sales, and hope that he inspires and motivates you to wait patiently for God’s will to become clear for yourself.

Be conscientious in all you are called upon to do, but do not let hurry, upset, anxiety and nervousness get in the way of common sense and good judgment, and prevent you from doing well what God calls you to do.               –Saint Francis de Sales