You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Sister Mary McDermott has been working in the Mission Advancement office for the past few months and she has been a HUGE help to not only me, but the entire staff in this department.

She came in one morning and greeted me with a big smile as she always does, but I was not feeling as cheerful. Sister Mary asked if there was anything that she could help me with. “Yes, if you could continue imputing the quilt club participants into our database, that would be a huge help,” I responded.

“Anything else?” she asked as she looked at me with a bit of a crooked smile. She knew something was on my mind.

I sighed deeply, and I told her a personal problem that I had been struggling with for some time. Sister Mary stood there and listened intently. After I was done with my rant, she said, “I know exactly how you feel because I have had a very similar issue.” She then told me that she had to go to her room, but she would be right back.

Sister Mary was gone for about fifteen minutes. She came back to my office and handed me a magnet that said, “Ultimately, we must say, ‘I respect myself too much to…’” As I felt the tears coming up, I managed to crack a smile. “I thought this would be something you would appreciate,” she said with her eyes beaming. “This magnet always helped me when I found myself struggling with an inner conflict like yours and it helped to pray a lot, too.”

I graciously thanked her for the kind gesture and after she left the Mission Advancement office for the day, I was able to gather some of my thoughts—

-We sometimes have the perception Sisters never struggle and are perfect beings. They are good women, but they are human just like you and me.

-The Sisters who work alongside us not only help with daily tasks such as filing, but they are also able to help with our spiritual journey as well.

-You can always find a friend in one of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. 😊