Written Words go a Long Way

Since I have started working for the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, I am constantly reminded of the kindness of the Sisters. I am also amazed every day by the good works of our wonderful supporters.

I started my role as the Communications and Development Specialist for the Mount last March. As with starting any new job, I was a little overwhelmed and nervous my first few days. All the staff and the Sisters were very welcoming, and it felt like I was being inducted into a family. There was one moment that proved to me that I made the right decision by accepting this job.

About a week after my first day, I received a card in the Mission Advancement box at the Post Office. It was addressed to me, but I was a bit confused. Since I just started working here, I wondered who on earth would be sending me a card? As I tore open the envelope, a smile spread across my face. It was from Ursuline Associate Suzanne Reiss. I remembered that she had stopped by the Mission Advancement office with another Associate, Carol Hill, a few days earlier and introduced herself. The card read–

“Maggie, I wanted to wish you best of luck on your new adventure and a Happy Easter!”

It is crazy to think that such a small gesture made me feel so special. The card is still hanging on my bulletin board in my office. This kind action made me realize—

-A hand-written note, card or letter can go a long way, especially since we are so reliant on digital communication today.

-It is always important to make someone feel welcome.

-Even though the world is a scary place, you can still find the good in people and I am lucky to be working at the Mount surrounded by wonderful Sisters and supporters!


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