To Blog or Not to Blog?

Many of you who will read this weekly blog will know that this type of thing is not my strong suit.  That being said, I have committed to bringing the journey of a Novice entering religious life to light in the eyes of those who:  “Just want to know more”, “Are on this journey of discernment also”, or maybe, most importantly, “Are considering a call to religious life”.   Whatever your reason thank you for your support and prayers on this journey.

The idea for this blog came from Dan Heckel, but came alive through prayer.  The journey of a novice is to dive deeper into a life of prayer, study of scripture, and to get to know oneself more deeply as to find God in the midst of the struggle.

Last year, I saw a movie called, “The War Room”.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  Within that movie one of the main characters has a specific prayer space where she writes her prayer requests and answers to prayer requests on sticky notes and posts them to the wall in her “War Room”.  So, for the last year I have written prayer requests, notes of affirmation, and quotes that have enriched my prayer and my life in general; hence, where I got the idea for this blog.

My thought is to post a quote for the week that comes either from my studies, my prayer time, or sermon quote from my week and post it on my “wall”.  Then, I will explain why I chose that particular quote and what it means to me in the light of my novitiate experiences.

I hope you enjoy,

Sr. Stephany


One of the first sticky notes I ever made has this quote from St. Angela Merici. Why did I choose this one to post first?  Well, from the very beginning of this journey to religious life I have been learning about the founder of the Ursuline Order.  It only seems fitting that I would post about St. Angela Merici.

St. Angela wanted all her daughters to live in a way that brought Jesus to all people.  To me, it speaks of going out of your way on your way. Going about your life and sharing the Jesus you have in your heart.  Helping others to recognize the Jesus that lives in them.

If you want to learn more about the life of St. Angela, I have attached a link to a Prezi presentation I put together.  Enjoy!

Have a great weekend,

Sr. Stephany


  1. ruth gehres

    Thanks, Stephany . . . I like your “sticky notes” . . . they give me an idea. Thank you for sharing your journey. Blessings, love, Ruth

  2. Lyn

    Oh, Sister Stephany, this brought tears to my eyes! You have found your niche, truly. Such beautiful thoughts, so beautifully written. Love you, ❤️

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