The Power of Prayer

I am usually the first person in the office since I am an early riser. I have a routine that I follow every morning as soon as I step in my office—clock in, check email, input donations into our system, schedule our social media posts for the day. A few months back, my morning routine was interrupted, but I was pleasantly surprised.

It was a little after seven and my phone rang. I thought it was a little odd for someone to be calling that early, but I figured it was a pressing matter. I picked up the phone and a friendly voice came through the line. “Hi, Maggie. This is Rose Ann and I am calling about more information about your Eastbridge Arts Festival at the Mount event.”

I started telling Rose Ann more about the event, but she was so nice that eventually that conversation progressed to where she is from, her faith and her connection to the Ursuline Sisters. I thought this was only going to be a five-minute conversation, but I ended up talking to her for 45 minutes! I felt so blessed because I made a friend during my morning routine that day. Rose Ann still calls occasionally, and we always pick up right where we left off. There was one phone conversation with Rose Ann that sticks out in my mind though.

Rose Ann called to ask for a prayer card to be mailed to her. She said she had a friend who was going through a very difficult time and she would like to fill out a prayer card on her behalf. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I mailed the prayer card to Rose Ann. Once I received the prayer card back, I put it in the basket down in the chapel where the other prayer requests are held. A few weeks later, I was sitting in my office during my typical morning and my phone rang. It was Rose Ann and she sounded like she was beaming ear to ear.

The friend who was going through a hard time had just called Rose Ann and said she received a heart-felt note from one of our Sisters. The Sister had picked the friend’s prayer request card from the basket and replied to her with a note to let her know she was thinking of her. Rose Ann said her friend was ecstatic and appreciated all the prayers that were coming her way. “I am just so happy that I am almost in tears,” said Rose Ann.

Those words from Rose Ann made me realize:

-Our Sisters are some of the kindest and most thoughtful individuals out there.

-Even by doing the smallest act, one Sister was able to make two people happy.

-Even in the darkest of times, God can bring comfort in the most mysterious ways to those who are suffering.



  1. Sister C. J.

    I “accidentally” discovered Maggie’s Blogs tonight and am very edified by her thoughts. She speaks so highly of us Sisters, and I must say that WE are the blessed ones to have such wonderful, caring, efficient, and wholesome people working for and with us. Thank You, God, for caring for us so deeply, and bless all our employees!

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