I started writing this on my knee in St. Patrick’s Cathedral–the Irish sisters in our house got us tickets. Yes, you have to have tickets, and you have to get there an hour before Mass! It certainly was worth it. The church was full of green, with plenty of city and church officials, and the liturgy was full of incense, Latin, bagpipes and mighty organ. We stayed downtown to watch the parade, which goes right by St. Pat’s on Fifth Avenue. LOTS of bagpipes, marching policemen, and bands, interspersed with gaggles of important people just walking along. Not many horses, unfortunately! Mary Higgins Clark, the Irish storyteller, was the Grand Marshall, and rode in a “Central Park” carriage. The green bedecked teenagers / college students flowing by on the sidewalk, whooping and hoisting beer bottles, added the noise factor.

On the eve of St. Patrick’s day, Tom Hanks ate supper under our community room window, and shot a scene for a new movie (with Sandra Bullock) right around the corner from our house. Watch for our little neighborhood jewelry shop in the movie (I forgot the exact name but it’s something like Very Noisy and Extremely Close). They had posted signs several days in advance that cars left on the street would be towed, and came in with large trucks for the food and filming/ sound equipment. We had heard they would be filming at 11:00 p.m. and went out at 10:15, but learned that we had missed Tom Hanks by 15 minutes. So we had our pictures taken with Jesse, a sound director–the people in the picture are Jesse, Iris (a Korean student who lives with us), me, S. Liliane, and S. Jan. Turns out the sisters are not new to movie making; their back yard is going to be featured for 2 1/2 minutes of a movie coming out in January of 2012, called Premium Rush.
Such excitement…now back to work. Happy Feast of Saints Patrick and Joseph to all!