The Kingdom Waits for Us, Too

This past Tuesday, the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph experienced another incredible loss in the community. Sister Martina Rockers was called to heaven to be with Jesus for her eternal life. It seems that the Sisters have gone through a good amount of losses lately. It is a sad fact of life that as a community ages, that death is a more common factor. Funerals are never easy, but I have noticed that the way the Sisters handle them is a quality we should all admire.

I was talking to the Coordinator of Ursuline Partnerships, Marian Bennett about this subject at lunch this week. I mentioned how sad it was that Sister Martina had passed, but Marian made a good point that this wasn’t technically a sad time at all. The Sisters look at death differently than the average person. As Marian pointed out, being granted eternal life is the ultimate reward for the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. All the struggles and hardships of life that they face do not matter compared to what is awaiting them. All the Sisters in this community have sacrificed a great deal to get where they are today with the promise that it would all be worth it. It is almost as if they do not fear death but celebrate it. This is something all of us should aspire to do.

This discussion with Marian made me think about a few things–

-It is not an easy task, but if we devote our life to God and live life with a good heart, the kingdom of the Lord will be waiting for us, too.

-Losses are never easy, but we can look at death in a different light when we are connected to God.

-The strength and dignity shown by the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph in times of tragedy is remarkable.



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