Stephany Nelson Enters the Postulancy

On July 12, 2014, Stephany Nelson entered the postulancy with the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. Her postulant time can last from nine months to two years, at which point she may choose to enter the novitiate, and officially become an Ursuline Sister of Mount Saint Joseph.

An entrance ceremony was celebrated for Stephany in the Motherhouse Chapel, while many of the sisters were at Maple Mount for the conclusion of Community Days. Sister Martha Keller, director of vocation ministry who has walked with Stephany on her journey thus far, offered a reflection.

“It takes a lot of courage to respond to our way of life today,” Sister Martha said. “This is not a popular choice among your peers, but as you have shared with me, you desire to be part of this community, and be surrounded and encouraged by our united effort to grow in holiness, listening and responding to the needs of the times as a daughter of Angela … Thank you Stephany, for your courage and confidence in yourself and for your trust in us. Your excitement, which is a delight, always served as a reminder to me that God uses our willingness to do great things — moving us forward as bold women of hope, joy and passion.”

Here are some pictures from the day.


  1. Barbara crews

    Congratulations! I love seeing your beaming smile. Sending you a big hug and prayers.

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