Sisters’ Irish eyes were smiling as they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day

The Ursuline Sisters had the luck of the Irish with them on the evening of March 16, 2023. It was a full house in the dining room on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day – the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland. The Sisters and a few guests enjoyed a meal that included green Jell-O and green punch. They listened to other Sisters reciting Irish blessings and jokes, and they joined in singing Irish music. Sister Catherine Marie Lauterwasser played two Irish songs on the piano. The group also had fun watching Ursuline Associate Doreen Abbott teach Sister Suzanne Sims how to dance an Irish jig.

On Friday afternoon, March 17, Sisters in Saint Joseph Villa had an ice cream party, played some “Truth or Blarney,” and took turns reading Irish limericks in their best Irish accents. Here are several pictures from the parties.



    I miss the St. Patrick’s Day party and especially how much Sr. Michael Ann enjoyed the day. Looks like everyone had a grand time. Miss all the Sisters.

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