Sister Sharon’s “Hopscotch Tour”

Paola for supper, sharing, prayers, and trying to fix the GPS. Wait and see if the ice storm comes. Hope for Lawrence, Kan., on Monday.

Sister Marcella Schrant, seated, is joined by some of the staff at St. John the Evangelist Parish, Lawrence, Kan. Pictured from left are Nickie Daneke, Catholic Charities; Father Curtis Carlson, OFM, assistant pastor; Jane Liebert, development; Father John Schmeidler, pastor; and Cris Denning, administrator.

Mon, Jan 31, icy morning, roads still warm. Try for Lawrence, ice on windshield, wet roads. There’s Sr. Marcella across St. John’s parking lot.

Slithering in, we are greeted by the St. John’s staff, Fr. John and all the crew. Crowding close to share Sr. Marcella’s spirit of St. Angela.

Laughter, jokes with shredded paper, flowers, post-it notes. “Look at Sr. Marcella’s mail box.” Labeled “General;” all agree that’s who she is!

Such a spirit-filled and active group; St. Angela reaches out to many through all at St. John’s. But the icy mist keeps falling; I must leave.

Back to Paola in daylight – whew! Sr. Helen lets me make an icy post office run into town And I prove I won’t get lost in Paola.

Shall I do laundry and get ready for Albuquerque? Let’s first try to fix the GPS. Blizzard warnings! 100% chance. Well, good night & we’ll see.

Sister Kathleen Condry tries to stay warm in Paola, Kan., during the blizzard that hit.

Wed, Feb 2, sunshine, snow stops. But this is Kansas; frigid temps, 8-14 inches, five foot drifts. Beautiful to see, but I’m not going anywhere.

Visit Albuquerque and Aztec Ursulines by phone. Oklahoma and Texas are closed; I cannot even get into Paola. No New Mexico for this sister.

Dig out back door; scrunch about on walk through snow. Check email, finally fix GPS – just turn off & hold switch 10 seconds. Who’d ‘a’ thought?

Our last Kansas supper together; don’t sit in the same place twice! Prayers, sharing, laugh, check school closings. Can I travel tomorrow?

Thur, Feb 3, Gary made it to Paola. Tractor & plow chug all morning & one road finally cleared. Sr. Kathleen approves my travel plans. Farewell!

Travel home. Pass four over-turned semis, wind through head-high drifts; Relish ice sculptures, eagle soaring & perched, frozen streams & creeks.

Fri, Feb 4, the hopscotch tour ends. One thing I learned? St. Angela is alive and well and Witnessing the love of God through the OSU of MSJ!