Sister Rita Scott: “…she’s extremely knowledgeable of the operation of the entire plant.”

Sister Dorothy Marie Willett is all smiles as Sister Rita repairs a broken doorknob in her room in Saint Joseph Villa.

“My staff is dependable, knowledgeable, consistent and thorough,” says Sister Rita. “They are all hard workers, they’re collaborative, conscientious, courteous, respectful, environmentally conscious and reliable.” She points out that some of them are licensed and certified in their specific fields of study, such as electrician, HVAC journeymen, chemicals, sewage treatment plant, etc. “I firmly believe that more heads are better than one,” she says. “Male and female perspectives could be different so you can offer something from your own point of view.”

Farm manager Bruce Blandford says of Sister Rita, “She’s been great to work with. She’s always available, listens to what you have to say, is open to your input and follows through on what she says she’s going to do.” He adds, “She’s extremely knowledgeable of the operation of the entire plant, is very good at prioritizing needs and at keeping costs within reason. And she’s very easy to work with, and is well liked by everyone on my staff.”

After fixing the television remote control, Sister Rita shows Sister Joseph Adrian Russell that it’s up and running.

Maintenance manager Dave Eby has similar praise for Sister Rita. “She is probably one of the top three people I’ve ever worked for,” he proclaims. “She’s fair, all business, very dedicated to her job. She is also a very compassionate individual. She’s also a very quick learner when faced with new challenges and new technologies.” Eby adds, “My whole staff gets along with her well. They all have respect for her and she in turn respects them. Overall, I can’t imagine any sister anywhere in the country doing the job that Sister Rita does here.”

Sister Lois Lindle, local community life coordinator for the Ursuline Sisters, works directly with Sister Rita on a regular basis. “Sister Rita was invaluable to me when I came on board as local community life coordinator one year ago and continues to be a great support. She is generous, cheerful, patient and dependable. Ask her for help and the job will be completed in a timely fashion. I’ve recognized these gifts from afar for many years but now I experience them daily.”

Health Care Administrator Sister Betsy Moyer says her department benefits a great deal from Sister Rita’s work. “I find Sister Rita always ready to take over in a crisis. She is efficient, competent, and Johnny-on-the-spot. The words that best describe her are from a cartoon from my childhood: Never Fear, Mighty Mouse Is Here! Seriously, no matter what is needed or what happens, Sister Rita and her outstanding staff assess and complete the tasks in a timely manner.”

This year Sister Rita celebrated her 40th jubilee as an Ursuline sister. As she looks back over 40 years in religious life she admits some of her fondest memories are those spent in the classroom.